HIT WMS POS – cash control

HIT WMS POS – the system provides an opportunity to view in detail all cash transactions made. The system is based on the synchronization of information from the cash register unit (UVS, UCS, CHD, Brio, SAP) and from the video surveillance camera at the cash register.

HIT VMS POS scheme


  • Effective – good ROI
  • Universal – compatible with all major trading systems
  • Easy to connect and configure
  • Easy to use
  • Obtained material can be used as evidence to resolve conflicts

Other products

video Nouro net monitoring

HIT VMS Neural Network

The neural network is one of the fields of artificial intelligence that aims to imitate the analytical mechanisms performed by the human brain.

Simulation of object temperature check by thermoscan or infrared thermal camera.


HIT VMS Termo Control – provides object temperature monitoring and serve to automatically alarm temperature limits or ranges, which can be crucial for timely detection of sources of fire, heat or malfunction.