HIT VMS Neural Network

The neural network is one of the fields of artificial intelligence that aims to imitate the analytical mechanisms performed by the human brain. In video surveillance, the neural network is able to detect various objects (people, vehicles, etc.) regardless of lighting, camera angle and distance. At the same time, the neural network can help identify dangerous events at an early stage and reduce damage, as well as prevent emergencies completely.

Main features of recognition

  • People, cars
  • Face detector
  • Crowd detector
  • Head detector
  • Video QR code
  • Car number in urban area
  • Urban environment
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Industrial Neural Network
  • Business analytics
video nouro net

People, cars

video object detection

Face detector

Concept for facial recognition, biometric, security system or deepfake dangers.

Car number recognition

Integration with third-party systems

The HIT VMS neural network provides a monitoring option with the help of the HIT VMS console program to facilitate the work of the console security operators.

Integration with systems: 

  • Trikdis
  • FoxSec
  • Cortex
  • Surgard
  • It is possible to save video images when receiving an alarm.
  • Additional functionality is used for viewing.

Other products

Simulation of object temperature check by thermoscan or infrared thermal camera.


HIT VMS Termo Control – provides object temperature monitoring and serve to automatically alarm temperature limits or ranges, which can be crucial for timely detection of sources of fire, heat or malfunction.