HIT ANPR SCALES – software for monitoring vehicle passes with a scale module.

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  • Designed to automate the process of loading cargo in a vehicle.
  • At an entrance on the scales of chamber camera read the registration number of transport vehicle, to which the weight of the transported cargo is then added.
  • When connecting the weight module, the ability to control the weight of the vehicle when entering and leaving.
  • There is also possibility of determination the type of cargo and fixation in the database.


  • HIT ACC ANPR – innovative technology is created for projects where necessary precision and automation of the process.
  • HIT ACC ANPR is one of the best solutions in this area, thanks to its unique technology, high precision and speed of image processing.
  • Technology specially created to easily integrate with other systems.
  • The module is easily integrated with any one video surveillance system, which allows create on your object multifunction integrated security complex.


  • High precision and speed.
  • HIT ACC ANPR – has a high speed reading of numbers. Definition of probability not less than 95% at a speed of information delivery with an interval of 50 Ms between objects.
  • It does not depend on equipment. HIT ACC ANPR has the ability to more subtle programming under the specifications and needs of the customer to recognize license plates. HIT ACR ANPR is compatible with various types of computer systems and can be equipped with any type any manufacturer’s camera.
  • Recognizes any number plates. HIT АСС ANPR recognizes any number plates containing Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, and Korean. The system allows you to determine the color of the number sign and country identifier.
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  • The company gives permission to enter or leave.
  • The operator, in turn, through the WEB interface, registers the pass to territory.
  • The car drives up to the enterprise barrier. The entrance camera scans the car number, these numbers are recorded in the WCC (cars weight control) database. A pass is created. The car drives into the territory.
  • The car drives on the scales. The machine is weighed. The weight of the machine is recorded with the machine number in the WCC software database.
  • The machine is loading. Rides on the scales. The weighing of the machine is performed. The type of material and weight are assigned to the number of the machine.
  • Entered in the WCC database. The operator gives permission to leave. Optionally, data from the WCC software is sent to the accounting software.
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  • The car drives up to the gate. The exit camera reads the car number comparing it with the database with exit permit. When a signal arrives from the WCC software, the gate is in standby mode. The guard checks the bill of lading. If everything fits, permission is given to leave the ID card, the car leaves.


  • Premature creation of a pass
  • Creating a pass to a certain gate or all gate
  • Use of passes separately at entry or exit
  • Creating a pass for an individual without transport on an identification card
  • Creation of a pass to a vehicle with or without a trailer, for the removal or importation of a trailer
  • Control of the direction of transport across the territory
  • Forced opening of the barrier
  • Control of traffic through the checkpoint
  • Database control (for a specific period, database search by machine number and by ID card)
  • Ability to view creation logs of passes
  • The possibility of connecting the weight module for controlling the import and export of goods.
  • Traffic visits
  • Control of the destination of transport after arrival on the territory
  • Immediate action to transport, such as prohibitionand an exit permit
  • Control of time of finding of transport in the territory
  • Opportunity to see active clients
  • Creating users with limited activity
  • When using the pass only on the entrance, the company of the final destinations must accept and exit permit transport from the territory

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