Building management system

Building Management System is our future. And why not live like this now? Our future will be easier, and therefore technology needs to be more functional, for example, mobile phones that can cover global territories, cars that that point the way and park themselves, etc. That’s how intelligent control systems will make our life easier. Building Management and control system promise ample opportunities to control any housing system by adding comfort, reliability, resource saving (electricity, heat, cold, water, etc.) For example, a person forgets to close the windows at their house and it starts to rain, the system will automatically close the windows. The system is connected to various devices, lightning, cooling and climate control being the most common systems. It is also possible to monitor the room temperature and also change the temperature to match your needs. For example, reduce the heat in your house during the winter while being at work and increasing it while on the way home. 

Therefore, the purpose of Engineering Management and Building Management System (BMS):

  • To reduce operating and maintenance costs (heating, lighting, electricity, etc.)
  • To increase comfort and save time
  • To increase the building value as a real estate
  • To increase the security levels and control capabilities

It is no longer necessary to worry about the safety of your house, because the system counts with an alarm. Also, it’s important to mention, that the burglars will not be able to tell if there is anyone at the house or not, because the system can control inside and outside lighting and also open or close the windows depending of the situation. If a break-in or emergency occurs, then an alarm signal is activated and depending of the situation the needed authorities are notified and the responsible person of the house gets a notification to the mobile phone about the incident.

The system primarily can manage:

  • Lighting system
  • Electricity system
  • Heating system
  • The ventilating equipment or devices
  • Climate control system
  • Conditioners
  • Security and access systems
  • Magnetic card and access system
  • Fire safety system
  • Elevator, escalator and other equipment
  • Other technical equipment

Other products

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